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Don't Struggle Trying to Groom your Pet at Home!

It's no easy task to try to shampoo a cat at home. If you have tried, you know this to be true! Our experienced groomers help give your pet a relaxing grooming experience. Our staff only use all-natural products to make the grooming process gentle and without sedation.

• Shampooing

• Bathing

• Clipping and styling

• Nail trimming

• Ear cleaning

• Teeth brushing

Help your feline friend feel great!

Let us keep your cat's fur free of mats and silky smooth. Bring them in for a relaxing brushing from our experienced staff. The professionals at Pet Styles Grooming Salon will soothe your cat, and return it beautifully groomed and pest free!


• Coat de-matting and brushing

• Hot oil treatments

• Flea treatments and tick removal

• Long haired and short haired cats

• Geriatric cats

Licensed and insured team

Call today to schedule a professional grooming session with our licensed team!

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FREE hot oil bath!

Over 50 years of experience

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